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Master or Student?

There are several things to remember while driving at the track. Be smooth. Eyes up. Heel-and-toe. Turn In. Track out. Know who’s coming up behind you. Be predictable. Late is generally safer. Listen. Feel. And? Do it without thinking.

We’re all working on our own versions of that. I am lucky to be doing with this with two talented and patient cohorts.┬áThe three of us at MW3 have had drastically different summers at the track:

  • Jim has been instructing and setting track records – seemingly all at once.
  • Jeff and his E36 M3 hit a wall… in the most literal sense.
  • I’ve been driving every track surface open at the same time I’m available.

We’ve been practicing doing without thinking, in our own ways. Unfortunately, that’s meant that between work and play we’ve failed to post updates along the way. We’re working on a series of posts that detail our travels, adventures, missteps… and attempts at recovering. Suffice it to say we all agree we’re still students – of physics. We have video to prove it.

We still maintain our vision: helping others by showcasing what we’re learning along the way. More coming over the next few weeks…


  1. Bill on Monday 4, 2010

    You guys are doing the right things. See you during a fun 2011 NASA season.

  2. Ham on Monday 4, 2010

    Amazing blog post bud, I definitly enjoyed this page. I’ll be sure to email this to a few online buddies who would, odds are, like to check out this blog too. Found this sites blog through the Google search engine by the way, if you were wondering :P . Good stuff bro.

  3. Luke M. on Monday 4, 2010

    Greatest Blog page Article I’ve Ever Ever seen . . !

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