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Captain Crash

As Christina mentioned, we’ve all had a busy driving season!   And, again, most of my time was occupied by being pit crew for my MW3 partners.  You may wonder… Why did I play ‘pit guy’ again after MW3 added the E36 M3 to our stable?  Well, I had what we’re calling an ‘incident’. It was really the culmination of  many variables which resulted in my car being totaled. (Okay maybe not totally totaled, but for the price it was easier to buy a new chassis.)

So what happened? The week before the event I changed a few things on the suspension. In the spirit of full disclosure… Well, I changed the entire suspension. I set the ride height, adjusted the rebound and compression, got an alignment. Of course I tested it out. Hmm, it seemed loose in the rear. So adjusted all over again, torqued everything down and surmised I was ready to go.

The three of us woke up before the sun to get to the coveted stretch of pavement. And then I crashed.

For over 60 days, I sat in wonder, disappointment, amazement, disbelief (among many other emotions). I finally mustered up the courage to see if anything was salvageable. Lo and behold, I stumbled across one of the probable culprits: my drivers-side collar on the coilover was merely one thread from completely backed out. At track speed and under hard braking, the car’s balance was TOTALLY off. The result is akin to a table with only three legs under it, not the beautifully balanced M3 I was expecting. Beyond the physical setup, I take blame for my mental preparation too.  See, it was a cold morning. I was on the second lap and still getting used to a new suspension. The air temps were cold. Part of the track was still under shadow – the track was still cold! After only two laps the tires were surely still cold.

Lesson: Even with years of track and racing experience, you can never let the emotions of driving and chasing take over acknowledgement for changes you’ve made on your car.  Happily I’m here to give you this overview and talk about it now. Many of my friends and track friends all know that during the entire thing I kept a good attitude…that is really what its about.  You can get mad, pissed, let it consume you… In the end, you’re hurting yourself even more.  In the world of high speed sports and racing, what are the chances of crashing? The overarching sentiment that it’s inevitable.

If the unfortunate happens to you, how will you react?  Keep that in mind. We here at MW3 are under the impression that you should keep smiling and keep driving!  We all do this because we love it. Hope to see you all in the spring. I’ll be in a new car… Yepper, MW3 will be “3″ again in 2011~  Stay tuned for more.


  1. Anon on Wednesday 10, 2010

    Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

  2. john on Wednesday 10, 2010


  3. Ardith Luellen on Wednesday 10, 2010

    Love your site man keep up the good work

  4. Ron on Wednesday 10, 2010

    Hey Jeff, sorry to hear, but great insight and I like the approach, you’re right on!

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