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Tips On Standing Still | MW3 Motorsports
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Tips On Standing Still

Perhaps it’s obvious, but it bears repeating: we really love driving. Which is what makes going to the track and NOT driving so difficult. Two weekends ago I decided to do just that though. You see, I owe my start in this sport to the local chapter of BMW CCA and I decided to give back something they needed desperately in the name of getting more of you hooked on speed. I volunteered as a corner worker out at the spring school at HPR.

You know how it’s hard to get up at 5am on a Sunday to drag your butt to the track but it’s worth it because you know you’ll get some really good turns in? Yeah. This was like that. Except I knew the only turns I’d be getting in were gong to be looking backwards out the back of a van. Which is surprisingly entertaining Especially when the track manager drives the line out of habit while barely making it  to all of 25mph.

First stop for the day was corner 9. I really wanted to be at T8 so I could see various lines entering, but this was a great spot too. The instructors really ripped through there and were fearless heading into T10. It was a pretty uneventful morning, with the students behaving. Well except for the E60 M5 that made my heart pound every time he drove by… Awesome!

After lunch the van dropped me at T11, one I’d always thought was soooo simple – what’s to see there? Turns out, plenty. I can’t tell you how many lines I saw exiting T10, barreling towards me and entering the corner in all sorts of places. After a while a trend started emerging and I could see what was ideal. Again, patience is the key to that one. Wait… wait… WAIT… trail brake a tad… Apex & use the rest of the track exiting. It’s a gloriously fun turn!

Yes, even if you’re not driving through it. Many recommend walking a track but very often you won’t get that opportunity. One great way to get up close & personal at the track of your choice is to volunteer to work corners at sanctioned events. You may be standing still all day, but your mind will be working 100mph. You’re guaranteed to leave the track exhausted. And chock-full of ideas for the next time you’re out.


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