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The Scene of the Crime… | MW3 Motorsports
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The Scene of the Crime…

Last weekend was the first points event of the year, PPIR.  If you recall, (if you don’t, take a look here) this is the track that “helped” me rebuild an entire car.  I bet you can guess how I felt about returning to the scene of the crime… Yes, this event actually started for me weeks in advance, with anticipation. Worry. Anxiety. All related to going back to a place that literally changed my outlook on driving.

Saturday morning started relatively early (5:30am) and started with an hour-long drive down south. Our buddy John joined the MW3 train.  Once we got there, the activity of getting set up before our instructor meeting kept my mind off the track itself. Our session time crept closer and closer… it was all I could do to keep the butterflies out of the belly.  It took 2.5 sessions, about 60 minutes of track time to start really driving again, even if at 70%.  Some people told me to “just go for it”.  But I couldn’t push it out of my head – this track took my first 95 E36 M3. I rebuilt an entire car and really didn’t feel like putting into a wall!

MW3 BMWsBefore I knew it day one was behind me: day two loomed.  Sunday started off with a few more butterflies. But I was instructing a model student and things seemed to get into the groove a little sooner.   I was able to enjoy the day!

I feel great knowing I survived my first weekend back at PPIR. For me, this was a big step in moving past the “incident” that widened my view on things and, with any luck, helps make me a better driver in the future. I’m sure my partners have their own take on the weekend… I just had to get this out!

- Jeff


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