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2011 TTA Season Part 1 | MW3 Motorsports
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2011 TTA Season Part 1

2011 has been a fun season so far in the MW3 Evo IX. With a rough start to the season by cutting a tire at the first event and barely mustering 2nd place, it seems to have picked up and we have started to put down some good laps. Jim and the Evo have made a home in TTA class with NASA Rocky Mountain and the class is really starting to grow. A-class tends to have a wide variety of cars from highly modified E36s to the baddest of American V8 muscle. Although the Evo is down 4 cylinders to most of these beasts, the power to weight ratio remains consistent in the class to keep it even. With the help of Tobz tuning in Denver (and a set of 272 Cosworth cams), the Evo can almost make the same power as a lot of its V8 counterparts with some skilled tuning.

Other new additions this year are external GPS units made by Qstarz, and a fancy Android app which logs valuable lap data and in-car laptimes that really help improve the car and driver. If you have an Android, be sure to check out the Trackmaster app by Trackaroo, you can save quite a bit of money going this route and get a good amount of data for the price.

Thus far this season the MW3 Evo has set 2 lap records, three 1st place finishes, a 2nd place finish and sits in the points lead going into the last two events. With some stiff competition beginning to mount in A-class, the second half of the season should shape up to be a great one. Hopefully with some good luck and some consistent driving the MW3 Evo can continue to get quicker this season, notch another record and possibly the TTA championship.

As we mentioned in the last post, come join MW3 at High Plains Raceway on August 5th for an open lapping day!

Stay tuned for more updates, results and product reviews this season.


  1. Steven on Wednesday 20, 2011

    I saw this car at HPR Friday, wow. That thing was movin on the track!

  2. Jim on Wednesday 20, 2011

    Thanks Steven, it was a fun day. What were you driving?

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