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This past weekend was a blissful one at the track for two of us here at MW3. It was mid-May the last time Jeff & I rolled rubber on track surface (with NASA at Pueblo). Far too long. We were getting antsy, so Jeff & I signed up for an open lapping at HPR Friday. And Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the 3rd annual RMR PCA Ladies Day (also at HPR).

Friday was particularly exciting because, well, I have a new track car. Before you ask, rest assured nothing has happened to The Beast (the 2008 E90 M3). In fact, it’s been a tremendous joy to drive at the track, not mention learn to drive on a track in. But there’s this adage: Less is More. (Well More is More too, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make) The Beast has lots of driver assists that help me look good. Horsepower and the M button come to mind. My goal is to be a great driver and it’s time to branch out to make sure I have the basics nailed. So I looked for something more pure. I ended up with a very nicely prepped and well maintained 1998 Arctic Silver E36 M3 with a mere 86K miles on it from a fellow NASA time-trialer, John. And I got to take it out for my first track laps in it Friday.

After the first session, all I could think was “WOW.” This car is planted. It may have a back seat but that didn’t stop me from boogying my way to a 2:10.8 lap time. Not bad for my first time in the car! John holds the NASA TT track record at 2:07.0 in this very same car. The day ended when I cracked the front passenger rotor. It seems slowing the E36 and The Beast are two entirely different exercises. I have much to learn and am eagerly awaiting my next turn at it. Pending new rotors, of course. I’m thinking slotted…

So it turns out, it’s a good thing I have a “spare” car for the track now! (I’ll be honest. I had already planned to take The Beast out for one last day of playing.)  I mounted a new set of Conti scrubs from Turner on the APEX ARC-8s earlier in the week in preparation for a good time. Was it ever… Driving on a track full of women in The Beast with sticky tires and the S65 V8 roar made me happy. There’s no other way to put it. It was 100-degrees but I was first to grid. Because there is nothing better. Gents, trust me here. There’s nothing quite like seeing a woman get excited about turn-ins and apexing and track-outs. This event is the perfect place to get her hooked. Many thanks, again, to PCA for putting this event together!

Rest assured MW3 won’t go so long between track-time. All three of us will be out at HPR on August 5th. As a way to say Thank You to our fans and sponsors, we invite you to join us! If we haven’t already, we’d love to meet you and drive with you. We’ll even be giving rides to those brave enough to put a helmet on & strap in.


  1. Garrett on Tuesday 19, 2011

    See you there on Aug-5 !

  2. Jeff on Tuesday 19, 2011

    Garrett, are you brave enough to get strapped into an E36? :)

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