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Part of my off-season pondering has been about how I can make sure my body is up to the task of racing. You may think there’s not a whole lot to it. Strap in and hang on, right? Uh, not quite. Not to be too rudimentary here, but racing is a sport. Sports are played by athletes.  And athletes need to be able to perform at their peak when it matters most – during competition.

Mid-season last year, my dad introduced me to a new product, Heed (made by Hammer Nutrition). He heard me say I was drinking a lot of water, eating a sandwich (if I planned) or burger (if I didn’t) for lunch and heading home exhausted at the end of every day I spent at the track. So he sent me a container of Heed to put in my water in between driving sessions. You know what? It made a difference. I used it in earnest the weekend of Comp School last October. I mixed it with water before my second race Saturday afternoon. I asked a good friend to mix it in with my water during the enduro Sunday afternoon. In both cases, I found myself with an even energy level throughout the afternoon instead of my typical crash.

When I went out to their website, I was surprised (daunted might be a better word!) at how comprehensive their offerings are. They have entire categories for fuel-slash-energy drinks, recovery, essential supplements, even diet enhancements. So I reached out to their Client Advisors to learn more about how I could beef up my intake of the right things. To my surprise, they’ve wanted to loop in motorsports athletes for some time now (their primary focus has been bicycling) and asked if I would be willing to try a few things and spread the word.

I’ll be trying a few different products and regiments this season to see what does and doesn’t work for me. You’ll see the Hammer Nutrition decals on the racecar, trailer and our Sponsors and Partners page. Stop by and ask me how it’s going. I’m no expert, but I’m more than happy to give you my opinion.


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