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PPIR Roundup

Hiya from all of us at MW3! Hard to believe, but it’s already been ten days since our opening event at PPIR in Fountain, CO with NASA Rocky Mountain. So how did it go? It was a great start to what is sure to be a fantastic season!!

You may remember Jim installed new suspension (MmMmmm…. Motons!). He also decided to try a new tire that’s been getting good reviews: the Hankook Z214, C51 compound. So PPIR was the weekend to shake it all out and see where the car landed. It would be an understatement to say things went well. Jim reset his personal best time by 0.7 seconds… on a one mile track! The competition in the newly formed TT3 will be fierce, but Jim just keeps getting faster. Awesome!

Jeff wasn’t driving, but was motoring around the paddock nonetheless. He took time off from working on the E36 racecar here & there last winter to restore a 1969 Honda Mini Trail Z50. It’s totally retro – and it took Jeff everywhere in style all weekend. There were several offers to buy it… but we aren’t selling. When we could pry him off the new pit bike, Jeff was busy keeping Christina’s car ready for practice, qualifying and races. In another testament to the solid car he built, tire pressures were the main thing that needed close monitoring throughout weekend – even though the ambient temps didn’t get above 65F.

Christina was busy keeping it clean in all four GTS races so she could finish off her provisional license with NASA. (Yes, the orange R’s are off!)  It had been three years since she’d driven PPIR clockwise (the reverse configuration) and so this was essentially a new track. So she spent quality time before and after every session, developing goals and then evaluating how she did in comparison to them. One bummer from the weekend: the newly installed TraqMate with the TraqData Pro (an add-on module that controls the GoPro’s and syncs data with video) didn’t seem to be functioning. She managed to get data, but no video, Sunday only. A review of the system and data acquired is underway.

Are we ready for Pueblo in a few weeks? Not quite, but we know what we need to do. What were your successes? What did you learn that you’re carrying forward to the next event?


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