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Well. THAT was interesting.

SNAP! Just like that, the 2013 season has come and gone. We (obviously) didn’t write/post anything here over the course of it. Mostly because we were very very busy. I’ll give a psuedo-quick, highish-level recap here (Jim has some awesome stuff to cover too, but I’ll let him do that).

April 5-6, PPIR with NASA Rocky Mountain (NASA RM)
The first event of the season. Attendance was light. First event with the TraqMate… and I couldn’t get it to record more than my out-lap before it turned itself off. Oh well, this was meant to be a shake the car (but mostly the driver) out type of weekend. Cody Overcash dominated!

May 3-4, Pueblo with NASA RM
The TraqMate is with TraqMate and I was grumbly about it. The majority of the GTS field was there with us. And I got served an entire Humble Pie the first race Saturday. You see, I knew I wasn’t going to podium… I was sure I wouldn’t be LAST though. {gulp} I had to rejigger things in my brain and force myself to remember THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN. I screwed my head on the right direction Sunday and had fun. I wasn’t first, but I wasn’t last! Go figure.

May 25-26, HPR with BMW Club Racing
Got the TraqMate back – it even turns the cameras on! Went out Friday for lapping and was working with Mark Baer from SCR on a few things. Qually Saturday morning found my ass-end out in T6 on my first hot lap. Tried to save it, Save It, SAVE. IT. DAMMIT. Nope. And oh-so-ever-slowly rolled backwards. In gear. Ka-plunk-thunk. Stall. Restarted the car but something was definitely amiss. Hustled back around to turn it over to Jeff… who took a listen and confirmed I’d blown an engine and shredded the motor mounts. Hardly as dramatic as I’d thought that would be like. Weekend over.

<queue crazy circus music> Found and bought a completely unknown junkyard S52 in Brighton with supposedly 120K miles on it. Bought ourselves an engine hoist and stand. Installed engine #2 and got it started after some angst over finding out the hard way we needed a new starter. Dyno’d with ~20 hp and 10tq less than engine #1, June 18.

Engine 2 DynoJune 21-23, Miller with NASA Utah

Rented a day garage and hauled out to Utah. They were running the same course as would be run at Nationals in September (outer loop). Per my goals, I wanted to skill myself to learn new tracks quickly and this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up since the car was up & running. Practice Friday was good. Warm up, qually & race Saturday were tons of fun, even if power was low. Qually Sunday… the dreaded “money-shift” two turns before track exit. Got the car to my hot pit lane box, where it stalled. For good. Shoved the car into the trailer and headed home.

At this point, I was pretty sure my season was over. Tears were shed. I headed out to HPR with NASA RM to instruct and watch racing from the sidelines July 12-13. It was at this point that I emailed NASA and BMW out in California to let them know my plans to race at Sonoma and Laguna Seca were cancelled. Bitter pill, swallowed.

Engine<queue crazier circus music> Then I took a peek at GTS points standings. WHAT THE WHAT??? I’m 3rd in points?!! I found another engine in California out of a Z3M with 53K miles on it, posted on ebay. Transmission included. Video of it running. It arrived and we began the tear-down. We borrowed time on a lift and installed engine #3. It started right up, dyno’d with about the same hp and tq as engine #2 but with a much better looking vanos, September 24.

September 28-29, PPIR with NASA RM
Again, attendance was light. Again, we were there to shake the car and driver down. The schedule was wonky because we were sharing track time with SPEARS. Qually went well. So well that I was on pole for the race and led the group through the green flag! And took the checkered flag for GTS3 Saturday. My first Win! I should’ve had chicken dinner. But I didn’t and ended up with food poisoning and a busted differential bolt Sunday instead.

Winner!October 26-27, HPR with NASA RM
Last weekend to race and the weather couldn’t have been better for it. Sunny, 60′s, no wind. And I had my first set of Hoosiers to fall in love with. Saturday we ran the north course, Sunday the west course. It was two solid days of good, clean, hard racing. I could not have asked for a better ending to the season.

I’ll end by saying I could NOT have done it without the help from our partners and sponsors!! Turner Motorsport answered the phone and shipped us goodies for each engine. Mark at SCR Performance gave much needed mental support. Hammer Nutrition made a huge difference on race days and kept me alert, energized and hydrated. Thanks to everyone who supported me and MW3 my rookie season!!!

We’re already making a list for 2014… it’s gonna be GOOD. How was your 2013? What’re your plans for 2014?


  1. Laura on Sunday 3, 2013

    Your tenacity is inspiring! I don’t know if I could’ve pulled it together to get back into the hunt after such daunting setbacks. All I can share with you is helpings of humble pie, a brief moment on the podium (not a win), and feelings of a season too short.

    Since I knew my schedule wouldn’t allow me to race the 2nd half of the season, I’ve been very much looking forward to 2014. Are you going GTS-3 again, now that you have a class win? What about BMW? IP?

  2. christina on Sunday 3, 2013

    I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about this sport that makes me do the things I’ve done. Besides addiction to competition and camaraderie. I just love it with my soul.

    It’s going to be a busy winter getting ready for GTS2! The car just fits better there. Waiting to see what the 2014 schedule looks like, but I’d really like to race with BMW and help build Club Racing back up in our region with them.

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