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MW3 MotorsportsThis site is specifically targeted to the car, racing, and driving enthusiast! MW3 was formed one, okay several afternoons, in the garage working on cars, at the track talking about driving smoother, becoming more aware, picking better lines and all of the additional conversations that follow.

The three partners of MW3 discussed creating a site where we can communicate with other enthusiasts about our experiences with a sole focus of becoming better drivers. We intend on passing along what we’ve learned in hopes that we can save other enthusiasts a little time on their quest to become better drivers too. None of us claim to be experts, in fact, we will openly admit we need all the help we can get from our sponsors and friends alike.

So, that is when we decided to create the website, which started by incorporating the M3’s and Evo IX in some way. What we ended up with was a template that started with our last names, McKendree, Werley and then add the “3” to make MW3 – make sense? Then you add our passion of Motorsports and bingo…MW3 Motorsports was born.

Our goal is to have fun in what we do, become better drivers, to take are passion to the next level, and to enjoy the company and new friends we meet at the track!