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1995 BMW E36 M3

A racecar is born!

She’s a pristine Carbon Black  1993 E36 chassis with a ferocious Z3M power plant.  What makes this car so much fun is that it has many of the right essentials to put it on the track.

The subframe as been reinforced with all the right M3 bits. A full cage was expertly put together by Micah at Titan Specialty Metals. Nitto NT-01′s will be the rubber hitting the road this season. Stopping is courtesy of Powerslot rotors paired with Hawk pads and the ever-reliable Motul RBF 600.  AST-4200 suspension, Treehouse racing eyeball arms, a giant Brooks wing and more help it handle corners like a champ.

2006 Mitsubishi Evolution MR

The Mitsubishi Evo was built to race right out of the box. The brakes, suspension, power and overall performance of these cars provide some of the best bang-for-the-buck. The best part about the Evo is you can add a few key parts and now you have a serious race car. The MW3 Evo has been tested and tuned for A class in the NASA Rocky Mountain region Time Trials. After a lot of time and math, the power-to-weight ratio and modification points put us at the top of the class with a few points to spare.