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Jim McKendree



As far as Jim can remember he has loved racing in one form or another. He has followed F1, IRL, Le Mans and NASCAR for quite sometime while always dreaming what it would be like to drive these cars. Unfortunately the town he grew up in didn’t have any auto racing outlets to get started, until he moved to Denver, CO. 

Upon moving to Colorado and completing school he decided to try Karting and instantly he was addicted. After renting TAG karts a bunch of times he realized it was really expensive to get a small amount of track time, he then made the decision to invest in a shifter kart and get moving. As luck would have it, right before he was going to purchase his shifter kart he got the best news of his life, he was going to be a father. So his racing would be put on hold for awhile. 

Mitsubishi Evo

Jim's Mitsubishi Evo IX

Feeling a little more secure with work and life (and with permission from his wife), he decided to buy an affordable performance car, and transform it into a race car. The platform with the biggest bang for the buck was clearly the Evo IX but finding one in mint condition was tough. In 2007, after looking for a year, he found the right Evo IX and has been building it into a great time attack car. Jim is the 2011 Time Trials Champion in A class and is also an HPDE instructor and driving coach for NASA Rocky Mountain. 


Christina Werley



Christina’s love of getting behind the wheel has been unfailing since the day her dad steeled himself and taught her how to drive. He did not realize all that she had absorbed during the countless weekends watching NASCAR and Formula 1 with him. He could not have known she was curious what 100 mph feels like. Or that she would try – and succeed! – in her 1978 Corolla (in retrospect, a stupid thing to have done). Even after that harrowing experience, Christina continued to enjoy motoring her mostly FWD, mostly Japanese cars wherever she went. 

In 2006, Christina learned that BMWs aren’t just for snobs. They’re for people like her. Who love to drive. Three years after that, Jim let her in on a secret: there are even clubs for people like her! Fast forward to 2012 – you’ll find the interest ignited one day in Pueblo with BWM CCA learning how to drive her street car has developed into a full blown passion for motorsports. She loves getting behind the wheel at the track whenever possible. In addition to competing in the B class for Time Trials with NASA in her E36, she also enjoys instructing HPDE students. She’s in constant pursuit of how to be a better, smarter, faster driver. It’s a quest she’s happy to share with her husband Jeff and good friend Jim.


Jeff Werley



Racing started at age 13 when he was doubling jumps on a BMX track and bunny hopping trash cans. Not too long after that he was tracking his first dirt bike (KX80) and realized, for him, this was way more fun than BMX! 

Fast forward a few years, a few bikes (KX 125, CR 250) and a few broken bones later, the dirt turned into street with a purchase of a ZX7. Promptly after purchasing and with a little arm twisting from best friend Kipp, the Kawi turned into a ZX7 with a 900 race motor from Jordan Engineering out of SoCal. What a set up for Willow Springs! Jeff club raced a few times and confirmed his DNA was laced with the excitement and adrenaline of racing. 

Street then turned back into dirt on a race prepped CRF450R. As they say in racing, if you’re not crashing, you’re not racing…or something like that. Well, the racing and crashin’ happened and after his beautiful wife nursed broken ribs, punctured lung and dislocated shoulder back into shape, then he finally hung up the two wheels for good. 

1995 E36 M3

Jeff's E36 M3


This begs the question, bikes his whole life – how did he get into cars? Well he played crew chief and car trailer hauler for his MW3Motorsports partners and after a year he finally said screw it – let’s find an E-36 he can build and track. So the search began and after 6 months of looking, she’s now here, prepped, and ready to have some fun!